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Broken Dentures

couple walking at sunsetDenture wearers know how uncomfortable it is to have a cracked or broken denture. It will not only make your daily routine, such as eating and speaking, very challenging, but it can also be very embarrassing if you cannot wear your dentures.

Even though dentures are made of sturdy materials, they are not indestructible. They can break anytime, anywhere – sometimes, at the worst possible moment. Though having a broken denture is not a serious emergency, you still need your dentures to be fixed quickly and well.

If you have a broken denture, simply schedule an appointment at Thornton Dental to get a comprehensive and reliable denture repair.

What To Do If Your Denture Breaks

Some denture wearers are tempted to fix or repair their broken appliance themselves. However, dental professionals highly discourage this. Only dental practitioners, such as dentists and dental technicians, have the skills and knowledge of how to fix broken dentures properly and accurately.

If a denture is repaired incorrectly using over the counter denture repair kits or industrial glue, it can’t easily be repaired by a dental professional and must be replaced with a new one. Thus, it’s advisable to see your dentist rather than fixing the denture by yourself.

  • Depending on the damage, a mould of your mouth may be sent out to have a dental technician make a new denture.
  • If the denture is not severely damaged, the dentist can repair it right away.
  • If you notice minor issues with your denture, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Knowing the main reasons dentures break can help you prevent those kinds of incidents from happening.

Wear and tear – if you have used your dentures for decades already, then they surely have undergone countless cycles of chewing and daily wear. Other factors that can wear down your denture include consumption of very hot and cold foods as well as acidic ones.

Ill-fitting dentures – If your denture doesn’t fit properly, it may move around your mouth resulting in stress and pressure points, which can lead to cracking or breaking of your denture.

Accidental or incidental breakage – sometimes, no matter how carefully you protect your denture, an accident can cause them break anyway. Accidental damage is one of the most common causes of broken dentures.

By visiting your Thornton Dental dentist, you can gain knowledge on how to properly care and maintain your denture, as well as the do’s and don’ts in case they get damaged.

Denture Repair at Thornton Dental

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