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Child Dental Benefit Schedule in Thornton

smiling kid in dental chairThe Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a great way to help improve the dental health of your child. The CBDS offers eligible children and teenagers up to $1,052 worth of dental care services over two consecutive calendar years.

Eligible children must be 0 to 17 years old for any one day of the calendar year, eligible for Medicare, and a member of family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A or receives an Australian Government payment.
  • Youth Allowance
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Parenting Payment
  • Special Benefit
  • Career Payment
  • Double Orphan Pension
  • Veteran’s Children Education Scheme, if the child is 16 or over
  • Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme, if the child is 16 or over

$1,052 Benefits Cap

Child Dental Benefits Schedule covers essential dental treatments such as:

CDBS doesn’t cover orthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures. In addition, treatments conducted in a hospital are not covered by the scheme.

How to Check Your Child’s Eligibility

Parents can readily check if their child is eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule by accessing their Medicare online account. You can also call the inquiries line at 132 011. At Thornton Dental, we encourage you to take advantage of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for the long-term wellness of your children.

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Please let us know if your children are qualified for CDBS when you make an appointment for them. Furthermore, if Medicare has sent you letter that informs your child is eligible for free dental services, you can simply present your Medicare card in order for your child to receive the free treatment.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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