Lost Dental Crown or Inlays/Onlays

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Lost Dental Crown

lost dental crown or inlays onlays

Dental crowns and inlay/onlay are restorative dental procedures that shield your teeth from additional harm.

Damaged teeth may need full or partial coverage of the tooth structure to preserve them. A tooth that has been fractured has a large filling or has decay underneath the filling and may require a dental crown or inlay/onlay restorations.

On the other hand, these restorations may also fall out for various reasons.

Causes of Lost Crown and Inlays/Onlays

Decay – cavities can still access the tooth, even if restored, and appear at the junction of the crown and tooth around the gum line.

Contamination – the bonding procedure can be compromised when contaminated cement is used.

Chewy foods – eating too many can gradually affect a tooth with an onlay, inlay, or crown. The restoration can be pulled off by sticky food.

Cracks may form due to excessive force, eventually damaging the restoration.

Bad habits – using your treated teeth to rip or open an object can cause a restoration to fall off.

Insufficient tooth structure – when there is insufficient tooth structure for the crown to hold on. This is common in back teeth that are short or worn down through the years.

Immediate Actions When a Dental Restoration is Lost

Discovering a lost dental crown or inlay/onlay can be alarming, but taking the following temporary steps can aid in handling the situation until you can see a dentist:

  1. Retrieve the Restoration: Find and retrieve the lost crown, inlay, or onlay. Handle it carefully to avoid damaging it further.
  2. Clean and Protect the Tooth: Rinse your mouth with warm water to remove debris. If the tooth feels sensitive, you could use a tiny bit of dental cement or temporary dental adhesive (available at pharmacies) to cover the exposed area temporarily.
  3. Avoid Chewing: Avoid biting your teeth on the side of your mouth where the restoration came off to prevent further damage or discomfort.

Repairing Lost Crowns and Inlays/Onlay

If your restoration has come off, go to your dentist immediately. Your dentist at Thornton Dental can repair and permanently bond the affected restoration back to its original structure. Before permanently cementing the crown or inlay/onlay, the area will be disinfected thoroughly to prevent the access of bacteria near your restoration.

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