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Lost Tooth Fillings

man having teeth examinedTooth fillings are used to restore damaged teeth. However, in some cases, a filling can also be damaged and may come loose due to decay that has developed underneath.

The decay causes changes in the tooth, which cause the filling to fit improperly in the tooth. Though a lost filling is rarely an emergency, it can still cause pain and discomfort. In this case, you need to see your dentist right away.

Other Causes of a Lost Filling

  • Biting too hard on a tooth with large filling
  • If saliva enters the cavity during the filling procedure it unsettles the bonding of the material, especially if it’s a composite resin material
  • Appearance of small cracks at the edges of the fillings due to wear over time
  • Leaking fillings caused by poor placement
  • Clenching and teeth grinding, also known as bruxism

What To Do for a Lost Tooth Filling

  • Remove the filling to avoid swallowing it or breathing it in
  • For pain relief, you can put a few drops of clove oil on a cotton swab and apply to the affected area
  • Brush your teeth carefully and remove food debris inside the hole
  • Rinse mouth with warm saltwater solution after eating
  • Call your dentist to schedule an appointment for a filling replacement
  • Have a discussion with your dentist about why the tooth was lost

Replacing a Lost Filling

To replace the lost filling, your dentist at Thornton Dental will remove the decay that has developed between the tooth and the filling and place a new filling. In some cases, the dentist may only need to repair the old filling instead of replacing it. Your dentist may re-evaluate the kind of filling to be used. This can be gold, amalgam, composite, or porcelain. Talk with your dentist about how you would like your filling to look. This can help you and your dentist at Thornton Dental to pick the material that suits your needs.

Same Day Emergency Response at Thornton Dental

Thornton Dental offers Same Day Emergency Appointment!

We provide same-day appointments for dental emergency cases and offer comprehensive care for almost any types of dental emergencies. Our experienced and responsive dental team provides treatment in a caring and compassionate manner.

Call us on (02) 4966 2996 or book your appointment online today!

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