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radiating tooth painTooth pain is one of the most common causes of intense and unbearable discomfort. Identifying the main origin of dental pain can be a bit difficult because the possible sources are wide ranging.

In most cases, toothaches are caused by irritated tooth nerves or gum inflammation. As the pain continues it can negatively affect your daily routine as well as the quality of your life.

Causes of Toothache and Dental Pain

Cavities and plaque – cavities are the primary cause of toothache. Cavities develop due to the formation of plaque around your teeth. The bacteria in the plaque attack your tooth enamel, which causes severe pain if the cavity is not treated immediately. The bacteria can reach the tooth’s nerve if it continues to spread, causing an unbearable pain when you consume hot or cold foods.

Gum disease – plaque not only damages your teeth and causes them to have holes (cavities); it can also irritate your gums. As a result, your gums become inflamed and irritated. Gum infection can result in chronic inflammation of the mouth’s tissues.

Exposed roots – roots can be exposed due to toxins produced by bacteria. They are naturally supressed in the jawbone, but because of the bacteria in these areas, the bone that covers the tooth becomes damaged. As a result, roots become exposed, which makes the teeth extremely sensitive to temperature changes.

Dental Treatment for Toothache

  • The dentist will conduct a thorough and complete examination to determine the location and source of pain. The dentist will also look for signs such as inflammation, swelling, and damage on the tooth.
  • X-rays will be taken to check for any sign of cracked or impacted teeth, underlying bone problems, or decay between teeth
  • The dentist may also prescribe painkillers for your toothache
  • If the tooth is already infected, the dentist may recommend tooth extraction or a root canal treatment

Dental Pain Management at Thornton Dental

Don’t let toothache or any form of dental pain ruin your day. A simple toothache can indicate a serious dental problem. In addition, early signs and symptoms of toothache must be stopped as soon as possible before they can cause extreme pain and discomfort. By restoring the health of your teeth and gums, dental problems such as toothaches can be prevented and treated. If you are in pain, visit us here at Thornton Dental. We provide pain-free and high-quality dental care for every dental concern you may have.

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