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Anxiety Control and Pain Management

woman scared at dentistDo you have a fear of dentists?

Dental fear affects approximately 1 In 6 Australian adults and roughly 1 in 10 children, says the University of Adelaide. On the other hand, the more serious dental phobia affects about 5% of the Australian population.

Many children and adults still suffer from dental anxiety or fear, which is one of the common reasons a person will delay his or her visit to the dentist.

At Thornton Dental, we provide our patients with a pain-free and pleasant experience. We have developed unique services to make sure that you leave with a confident feeling whenever you visit us.

A Gentle Touch – our doctors and assistants are trained to pay close attention to patient comfort and diminish the potential for any kind of pain. Our entire staff are also ready to help nervous patients manage their fear and anxieties.

Inhalation Sedation – also known as “happy gas”, it’s a sedation technique administered by the patient breathing in through a mask that placed over the nose. The mask produces a light form of anaesthesia using nitrous oxide. The patient becomes less sensitive to pain and nervousness but remains fully conscious.

Oral Sedatives – we can prescribe oral sedatives to those slightly nervous patients who don’t require inhalation sedation for their dental procedure.

Child-friendly and relaxing environment – our comfortable dental clinic can help you ease your fear. With a comfortable lounge chair and flat screen TV mounted on the ceiling, you will never get bored or even get nervous waiting.

At Thornton Dental, we strive to search for the latest methods and devices that deliver comfortable anaesthesia and pain reduction for our patients. It’s our commitment to make your visit comfortable, confident and pleased.

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